Applying color, shade, and blends

To apply colors and shades to boxes, frames, and pictures, you can use the Box and Frame tabs of the Modify dialog box (Item > Modify), or you can use the Colors palette (View > Show Colors).

Note: You can also specify blends and background screen tints using the Colors palette (View > Show Colors).

You can make a box transparent by choosing a background color of None from the Color drop-down menu in the Box tab (Item > Modify), or by selecting None in the Colors palette. When a box is transparent, you can see items behind it. You should only use None when something behind the box must show through. If nothing behind a box must show through, use a background color of White.

You can apply color to the dark areas of black-and-white bitmap and grayscale pictures by choosing the Color command (Style > Color) when a picture box containing a picture in one of these formats is active.

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Applying color, shade, and blends