Working with books

Multiple-document publications can be challenging to manage. Related documents need to be kept near one another, yet still remain separate. Books help you meet this challenge.

Books are QuarkXPress files that display as windows containing links to individual documents, called chapters. Once chapters are added to a book, you can open, close, and track chapters through the Book palette. QuarkXPress lets you synchronize style sheets and other specifications used in the chapters of a book, print chapters from the Book palette, and automatically update page numbers across chapters.

QuarkXPress lets you open up to 25 books at one time. Books can be opened by more than one user at the same time, so members of a workgroup can access different chapters. Books stay open until you close them or until you quit QuarkXPress. Changes made to books are saved when you close the Book palette or quit QuarkXPress.

Changes to books (such as adding or reordering chapters) are saved automatically when you close books, or when you quit QuarkXPress. When you open and edit chapters, the chapter documents need to be saved the same way as any standalone QuarkXPress project, by using the Save command (File menu).

Note: As members of a workgroup make changes to a book — for example, opening or reordering chapters in a book — the book is updated to reflect the changes. Click anywhere in the Book palette to force it to update.
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Working with books