Working with layers

The Layers palette is the “control center” for layers. You can hide, show, lock, or unlock layers with a single click in this palette. You also can use this palette to specify the active layer (where newly drawn objects will go), to rearrange the stacking order of layers, to merge layers, and to move objects from one layer to another.

Each layer you create has a unique color swatch in the Layers palette. When you create an item on a layer, the item’s bounding box and handles use that layer’s color.

To display the Layers palette, choose View > Layers.

QuarkXpress pal layers Working with layers

You can work with layers in the Layers palette.

Every layout has a Default layer. You can add and remove items from the Default layer, but you cannot delete the Default layer. When you open a layout that was created with a version of QuarkXPress prior to 5.0, all items display on the Default layer.

A layout can contain up to 256 layers, including the Default layer.

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Working with layers