Working with libraries

Libraries are convenient for storing frequently used page items such as logos, publication mastheads, legal text, and photographs. You can store up to 2,000 entries in an individual library. A library entry can be a text box, text path, picture box, line, multiple-selected items, or a group. To move entries in and out of libraries, you simply drag them or cut/copy and paste them.

Libraries are good for storing items that may be needed at any time in a layout. For example, corporate logos, legal information, commonly used pictures and text, chart formats, and clip art are all good candidates for library entries. Items with hard-to-remember formatting can also be saved in a library.

Use the Library palette’s scroll bar to scroll vertically through library entries. Drag the resize box in the lower-right corner of a Library palette to resize it. You can expand a Library palette by clicking its zoom box. Click the zoom box again to return to the previous display.

QuarkXpress pal library Working with libraries

A Library palette

Note: QuarkXPress libraries are not cross-platform, so libraries must be opened using the platform on which they were created.
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Working with libraries