The default Job Jackets file

When QuarkXPress is installed, a default Job Jackets file (containing a default Job Ticket template) named “DefaultJacket.xml” is installed as well in the location specified in the Job Jackets pane of the Preferences dialog box (QuarkXPress/Edit menu).

When you create a project by choosing File > New > Project, the following things happen:

  • QuarkXPress makes a copy of this default Job Jackets file (named “Default Job Jackets”) and embeds it in the new project. The embedded Job Jackets structure is named “[filename] Job Jackets.”
  • In the embedded Job Jackets structure, QuarkXPress creates a Job Ticket from the default Job Ticket template (named “Default Job Ticket”). The new Job Ticket is named “[filename] Ticket.”
  • QuarkXPress associates the Job Ticket in the embedded Job Jackets structure with the new project.

You can use the default Job Jackets file to control the Resources that are used in new QuarkXPress projects. You can also edit the default Job Ticket template that is used by projects created via File > New > Project. This topic explains both procedures.

Note: You cannot store a new Job Ticket in the default Job Jackets file. For more information, see “Creating a project from a Job Ticket template.”

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The default Job Jackets file