Working with Output Specifications

An Output Specification lets you specify output-specific information such as image color space and resolution, graphic file format, ink coverage, halftone frequency, PostScript level, PDF/X compliance, and so forth. Like Rules, Output Specifications are tests that are executed against the active layout when a layout artist chooses File > Job Jackets > Evaluate Layout.

The standard procedure for working with Output Specifications is:

  1. Create an Output Specification (see “Creating an Output Specification: Advanced mode“). This part of the job is typically done by a job definer working with an output specialist.
  2. Associate the Output Specification with a layout using a layout definition in a Job Ticket template. This can be done by the job definer or by the layout artist, but should typically be done by the job definer.
  3. Use the Output Specification at output (File > Output Job) to ensure that the job is imaged correctly. For more information, see “Using Output Specifications with Output Job.”

The topics below describe each of the above procedures in detail.

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Working with Output Specifications