Working with PSD pictures

You can import native, unflattened picture files from Adobe Photoshop directly into QuarkXPress with PSD Import XTensions software. Once files are imported, you can manipulate any layers, channels, and paths saved with the Photoshop (PSD) files. This integration between Photoshop and QuarkXPress streamlines your workflow by allowing you to skip flattening; saves hard disk space by enabling you to work with native files; and enhances your creative possibilities by providing access to layers, channels, and paths.

When the PSD Import XTensions software is running, you can use File > Import to import a PSD file into a selected QuarkXPress picture box.

To work with layers, channels, and paths in the image, choose Window > PSD Import. You can use the PSD Import palette to blend layers, work with color channels, and select paths.

Note: To work with PSD files in QuarkXPress, you must have PSD Import XTensions software loaded.

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Working with PSD pictures