Working with layouts

It’s easy to navigate between layouts, add layouts, duplicate layouts, and delete layouts.

To navigate between layouts, use the tabs at the top of the project window.

To add a layout to the active project, choose Layout > New or click a layout tab and choose New from its context menu.

To duplicate a layout, display the layout you want to duplicate, then choose Layout > Duplicate or choose Duplicate from the Layout tab context menu.

To change a layout’s properties, display the layout, then choose Layout > Layout Properties or choose Layout Properties from the Layout tab context menu. The Layout Properties dialog box displays.

To delete a layout, display the layout, then choose Layout > Delete or choose Delete from the Layout tab context menu.

When you use the following commands, only the active layout is included in the resulting output:

  • File > Export > PDF
  • File > Export > Page as EPS
  • File > Collect for Output
  • File > Print
  • File > Export > HTML (Web layouts only)
Note: Layers apply to the layout that is active when you create and edit them.
Note: When you perform a project-level action (Edit > Undo), the action is added to the Undo History in all layouts.
Note: When you check spelling (Utilities menu), QuarkXPress checks only the active layout.
Note: The Find/Change feature (Edit menu) can search only the active layout.

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Working with layouts