Working with projects

To create a project, choose File > New > Project. The New Project dialog box displays.

QuarkXpress db new project Working with projects

New Project dialog box for Print layout type

Every QuarkXPress project contains at least one layout. Therefore, when you create a project, you must specify a default layout for the file. You can use the default layout name or enter a new name for the layout in the Layout Name field. To indicate the type of the default layout, choose Print, Web, or Interactive from the Layout Type drop-down menu.

For more information about Web layouts, see “Web layouts.”

For more information about Interactive layouts, see “Interactive layouts.”

By default, tabs display at the top of the project window for each of the layouts in a project. To prevent these tabs from displaying, check Single Layout Mode. (You can still add layouts to a project, but this will turn off the Single Layout mode.)

Note: A project created in any language edition of QuarkXPress can be edited, printed, and saved in any other language edition of QuarkXPress. All available spellchecking dictionaries and hyphenation rules are supported by every language edition. However, text that uses East Asian specific features (such as rubi text, font sets, and group characters) cannot be edited in a non-East Asian language edition of QuarkXPress.

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Working with projects