Working with the Glyphs palette

A glyph is the smallest unit of a font — each uppercase letter, for example, consists of its own glyph. To access all the glyphs in a font — especially an OpenType font that may include approximately 65,000 glyphs — you need to view a complete character map. You can access such a character map in the Glyphs palette (Window menu), which enables you to view all the glyphs in the selected font, view bold or italic glyphs, double-click a glyph to insert that glyph in text, and save favorite glyphs for easy access.

QuarkXpress pal glyphs Working with the Glyphs palette

The Glyphs palette makes it easy to work with large character sets and professional-quality fonts.

To view the glyphs in a font, display the Glyphs palette (Window menu) and choose a font from the Font menu in the upper-left corner. Options available in the Glyphs palette include the following:

  • You can use the Bold and Italic buttons to display the bold and italic versions of glyphs; if the bold, italic, or bold italic instance of the font is not active on your system, the application will simulate bold, italic, or bold italic on the glyphs as it does when you apply the Bold and Italic type styles using the Measurements palette.
  • To view a subset of the glyphs in the font, choose an option from the Show drop-down menu.
  • To see any alternates available for a glyph, click the box in the lower-right corner of an individual glyph’s cell.
  • If necessary, click the Zoom tool on the palette to increase the size of the glyphs.
  • If you need a glyph’s Unicode code point — for HTML authoring, for example — you can point at the glyph to display the Unicode code point (represented as a hexadecimal).
  • To insert a glyph at the text insertion point, double-click the glyph in the Glyphs palette.
  • If you frequently use specific glyphs from a font, you can save those glyphs as favorites for quick access. To create a favorites list, first click the expander next to Favorite Glyphs in the Glyphs palette (Window menu). Then, simply drag a glyph to an empty cell in the Favorite Glyphs area. To delete a favorite, Control+click/right+click the glyph and use the context menu.
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Working with the Glyphs palette