Palette groups and palette sets

QuarkXPress offers two features that help you to manage palettes: palette groups and palette sets.

Using palette groups

The Palette Groups feature lets you combine several palettes into one.

QuarkXpress pal group Palette groups and palette sets

This palette group shows the Style Sheets, Colors, and Lists palettes attached as one, which economizes space while providing easy access to functions.

To attach a palette to a palette group, Control+click/right-click the title bar of a palette group and choose an unchecked palette name. When you attach a palette that is already displayed, the palette moves to become part of the palette group. To detach a palette from a palette group, Control+click/right-click the palette name and choose Detach [palette name].

Using palette sets

The Palette Sets feature lets you store and recall the position and status of all open palettes and libraries, so that you can easily switch between different palette configurations.

To create a palette set, first display all of the palettes you will need for a particular task and hide all other palettes. Then choose Window > Palette Sets > Save Palette Set As to display the Save Palette Set As dialog box, enter a name, and optionally assign a key command.

To retrieve a palette set, choose Window > Palette Sets > [name of palette set] or press the keyboard combination for that palette set.

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Palette groups and palette sets