Custom Bleeds XTensions software

Bleed is the term used to describe items that are printed to the edge of a finished page. Custom Bleeds XTensions software provides enhanced bleed functionality for QuarkXPress, giving you more control over how items will bleed.

To create a bleed in QuarkXPress, simply create items that extend past the edge of the page onto the pasteboard, and then specify how much of the area beyond the edge of the page should be printed. There are three types of bleeds:

  • A symmetric bleed extends the same distance from each edge of the layout page.
  • An asymmetric bleed specifies different bleed amounts for each edge of the page.
  • A page item bleed prints all items that extend beyond the page edge in their entirety.

The bleed rectangle is the distance the bleed extends beyond the page boundaries, and is defined by the bleed values you enter. For example, if you create a symmetric bleed with a value of 2 picas, the bleed rectangle encompasses everything that is within 2 picas of each edge of the page. It is important to note that the Custom Bleeds feature automatically creates the bleed rectangle, but it does not automatically extend items into that area. You must position items so that they extend beyond the layout page edge to create the bleed.

Note: Before you output a layout to film, take a moment to preview the layout to make sure the bleed will output as you expect. Choose File > Print > Summary. The graphic page icon on the top-right side displays the bleed area for the first page of the layout, and indicates whether any of the layout or bleed is outside the imageable area. Remember to add the bleed area to the layout dimensions when comparing the layout size to the imageable area.

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Custom Bleeds XTensions software