Item Find/Change XTensions software

This XTensions software adds the Item Find/Change palette to QuarkXPress (Edit > Item Find/Change). You can use this palette to perform find-change operations on text boxes, picture boxes, no-content boxes, lines, and text paths. You can find and change attributes including location, shape, color, opacity, frame style, picture scale, number of columns, and more.

QuarkXpress pal item findchange Item Find/Change XTensions software

The Item Find/Change palette

Note: Item Find/Change does not support tables.

The Item Find/Change palette works as follows:

  • Tabs across the top display the type of attributes you can search for: Box, Box Color, Frame, Line, Picture, Text, and Drop Shadow. The attributes in each pane correspond to attributes in the Modify dialog box (Item menu) for each type of item.
  • Each pane contains two sides: Find What and Change To. You check the attributes you’re searching for on the Find What side, and then check those attributes you want to change on the Change To side of the palette. You can search on attributes in multiple panes at the same time.
  • The palette menu lets you put the selected item’s attributes into the Find What side of the palette. You can specify options in all the panes in the Item Find/Change palette by choosing Acquire All Attributes or complete one pane at a time by choosing Acquire Panel Attributes. You can use Clear All Attributes and Clear Panel Attributes to clear panes.
  • The Summary pane summarizes the settings in all of the panes.
  • The check boxes at the bottom of the palette let you restrict your search to specific types of items. To find and replace all types of items, leave all of these boxes are unchecked.
  • When you click Find Next, Item Find/Change searches the entire layout from start to finish. To limit a search to the active spread, Option/Alt+click the Find Next button.
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Item Find/Change XTensions software