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When Script XTensions software is loaded, the Scripts QuarkXpress icon scripts Script XTensions software menu is available in the QuarkXPress menu bar. From this menu, you can run any AppleScript script in the “Scripts” folder in the QuarkXPress application folder. Script XTensions software makes a collection of AppleScript scripts available from this menu by default, and you can add your own AppleScript scripts to the menu by adding them to the “Scripts” folder.

To use Script XTensions software, simply choose a script from the Scripts QuarkXpress icon scripts Script XTensions software menu, and the script runs. The provided default scripts are organized into submenus.

Please note that although these scripts are designed to operate in as many workflows as possible, specific settings in your workflow might prevent them from operating correctly. Therefore, we recommend that you save your layouts before running any scripts that affect them

Note: Script XTensions software is for Mac OS only.
Note: Script XTensions software must be loaded before you can run any AppleScript scripts that affect QuarkXPress, whether the scripts are launched from QuarkXPress or from another location (such as the desktop).

Other required components include the following:

  • Standard Additions Scripting Addition
  • AppleScript Extension
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Script XTensions software